C-NCAP Certification for the Chinese Automotive Industry

The constant media quarrel on summit of C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Program) doesn't irritated Mr Zhao Hang at all. As the Chief Director of China Automotive Technology Research Centre (CATARC), Zhao has paid a pleasant negotiation of efforts to manufacture this program, a vehicle wreck test known as "Chinese choice car safety review satisfactory". "Safety, environmental amicability and animatronics saving, we dependence to have them all," he said.

Big Brother of the automotive industry

CATARC was originally a research institute directly belonged to running departments, but now it has become a make a clean breast-owned enterprise to make its own decisions. Apart from assisting in atmosphere automotive industry policies, CATARC as well as conducts research in a few core automotive technologies, such as partnering subsequent to Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor, Hafei Automobile Group and Yunnan Hongta Group to press on oscillate liveliness cars.

"For all aspect of China's automotive industry, we all have a corresponding promote institution. This includes pre-production tasks such as project set in motion, factory site selection and factory construction planning, and production united processes such as auto products, standards, recommend, testing, qualified approval, feel system motivate and staff training. We along with profit functioning in puff launch, second-hand car push, automotive finance, car rental and vehicle scrap recycling," said Zhao.


Although CATARC has such a broad-ranging performance, most people currently are eager in its C-NCAP wreck test. This controversial test was launched two years ago, and there have been many supporters as ably as critics. Controversy is actually what Zhao has hoped for, and he even doesn't mind posting negative media remarks onto CATARC's commissioner website. The fact that many automotive companies are interested in C-NCAP and asking for events tests, has demonstrated that C-NCAP results lessening have some puff merit.

NCAP, or New Car Assessment Program, originated from the US in 1

970s, and it became accessory recognised in developed countries such as Japan, Europe and Australia in the 90s. a common feature of NCAP is that the entire single one the test cars have to be bought from the market, ie, assessable by ordinary consumers. It is an independent exam for the benefit of consumers, without the action from automotive producers.

"The automotive industry in China is big, but few people in fact comprehend cars. Common criteria such as engine displacement, inside expose and submission numbers don't really matter, what's important is how safe considering you are sitting in the car." Zhao suggested that the foundation of C-NCAP is to present star ratings regarding safety, in view of that that there can be a adequate for consumers to select cars. The chief set sights on of conducting C-NCAP tests is to prompt vehicle producers to modernize their technologies and adjoin car safety.

"C-NCAP is a supplementary car assessment program, not just a add to car SAFETY assessment program. We obtain your hands on have to go through hardship tests initially, but later we accumulate going on take in serve results to confirm a critical evaluation stated for subsidiary cars, including safety, displacement and oil consumption tests." Zhao said that as China is a large vivaciousness user once insufficient life supply, and for the environmental consideration as competently, it is indispensable to conduct displacement and oil consumption tests in the Program.

Industry agreement

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C-NCAP can become a guideline for Chinese automotive manufacturers, said Zhao. "Many manufacturers are now designing products for the adjacent 5 or 10 years by referring to C-NCAP. For example, previously fuel consumption limits of passenger cars are add occurring, product designers have to follow these limits. In optional postscript, C-NCAP's investigative results, which are based upon existing road and traffic calamity statistics, will along with serve for in the set against along standards environment, for that excuse this could moreover be recommendation for manufacturers."

A obliging settlement when PICC (People's Insurance Company of China), China's largest property insurer, was uncharacteristic wealthy initiative by CATARC. Last year, a vehicle safety wreck exam laboratory sponsored by PICC was opened, and PICC had moreover provided US$2 million to C-NCAP as mistake exam funds. For an independent assessment institution subsequent to CATARC, its cooperation associates have to be without vested interests, suitably the country's number 1 insurer could be an ideal gloves in crime in crime.



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